Abridged series has since its beginnings been one of the most creative subsections of the anime community, delivering endlessly entertaining parodies through clever re-dubs and re-edits. But there’s always been a lack for a place where all abridged content is gathered and easily accessible to its audience. Enter the Abridged Series website.

This site is on one hand a convenient platform where you can watch series, create watchlists, keep track of the latest episodes, review and discuss the things you’ve watched, as well as engage with the community. One the other hand, it is also a database containing both hundreds of series and extensive information about them and their creators. It is regularly updated with all the latest releases, while also exclusively hosting older series that previously have been lost. Sign up today and enjoy everything that Abridged Series has to offer!


Abridged Series is created by Misagh (code) and blautoothdmand (content) and launched in August 2018. In 2021, Truthordeal joined the team.

blautoothdmand is a longtime anime fan with a keen interest in abridged series as a creative art form. Aside from managing this website he also runs an eponymous blog, dedicated to essays on various artistic media.

Truthordeal has been part of the abridging community since 2007. As an abridger and current curator of the Abridged Archive, he is an advocate for fan creation as well as the preservation of endangered media.

Misagh is the admin of Abridged Series and The Artifice network of sites.

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