1KidsEntertainment is an abridger and voice actor. He debuted in 2009 with Death Note: The Abridged Series. Later founding the group Elite3 with xJerry64x and Nowacking, he is also the co-creator behind Pokemon: The ‘Bridged Series.
Releases 21Series 1
aboutschween is an abridger and voice actor. He is the producer for EVAbridged.
Releases 1Series 1
Abridge World
A short lived Discord server for abridgers to hang out in which started a collaboration project. The 10 entrants were split into two groups of 5, with the theme of using a series by manga writer ONE. The contest went for a couple of months, but only one entrant was able to submit their video…
Releases 1Series 1
Abridged Life
Abridged Life is an entity used for abridging. It was founded by Youtuber FloydFantastic in December 2018. He also leads the direction and writing for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged Parody.
Releases 8Series 1
Abridgilliance is an abridging team consisting of Coffinjockey, GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA, PyrOMG!, Redbeast13 and Stormblade13. They are the creators of Dagashi Kashi Abridged and Digimon Abridged. The team is closely associated with The Schmuck Squad.
Releases 14Series 2
Abridgiplex is an abridging team founded by StormSage13, Redbeast13 and PyrOMG!, who all later would become members of Abridgilliance as well as The Schmuck Squad. The team was founded on June 17th 2013 as the home of the project Durarara!! Abridged. To this day, this is their flagship title, but they have also expanded their…
Releases 18Series 3
Alifluro is an abridger, voice actress, cosplayer, gamer and artist. She started out in February 2013 with the series Bleach Abridged Meet The Gotei 13. June the same year, she and justkyledavid founded Junk House Studios, under which they have produced such series as The Devil is a Part-Timer Abridged and Fairy Games. Additionally she…
Releases 14Series 2
Anax (Anax of Rhodes) is a retired abridger, voice actor, and YouTuber. His abridging work includes: Abridgelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Ninja 'Scridged (Ninja Scroll), and Stranger Days (Sword of the Stranger, School Days); as well as EVAbate - based on his caricatures of characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Anax retired from abridging in late August…
Releases 45Series 4
AnimeDubs4Life is a comedy group whose most notable title is "Abridged Guardian Sailor Moon", an abridged parody of the 1992 Sailor Moon anime. They are also producers of several one-shots, and outside of abridged series an original audio drama titled “Skyfell: A Smash Bros. Story”, based on the Super Smash Bros. video game series.
Releases 12Series 3
Originally started making abridging content in 2011, starting with Epicly Abridging Gurren Lagann. As the group is mostly run by QuizGuru, the channel puts out content on and off as time permits. By 2020, QuizGuru has essentially stopped working on content for this channel to pursue other content ideas on a new channel.
Releases 10Series 1
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