Abridged Guardian Sailor Moon


Abridged Guardian Sailor Moon is an a parody series of Sailor Moon, produced by AnimeDubs4Life, directed and edited by Major Motoko, and written by Major Motoko and ilikethecoke.

According to Major Motoko the production time for the episodes is typically one month, although it may vary depending on such factors as inspiration, writing and recording. The scripts are written within the span of a night due to the collaboration experience between Major Motoko and ilikethecoke.

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Aug 31, 2018AnimeDubs4Life
Aug 31, 2018AnimeDubs4Life
Jan 9, 2016AnimeDubs4Life
Dec 24, 2015AnimeDubs4Life
Oct 12, 2015AnimeDubs4Life
Sep 4, 2015AnimeDubs4Life
Aug 22, 2015AnimeDubs4Life
Nov 3, 2014AnimeDubs4Life
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