Monokuma (Characters)



Danganronpa Abridged Thing
  • EN
  • Comedy
Danganronpa Abridged Thing is a parody series of the anime adaptation of the Danganronpa video game franchise. It is the second series created by Faulerro following Nullmetal Alchemist.
Releases 7Frequency 64.57Viewers 8
50% OFF
  • EN
  • Comedy
  • Sports
50% OFF is a parody series of the anime series Free!, created by Octopimp and Sparky The Android, and edited by Octopimp.
Releases 47Frequency 29.7Viewers 8
Danganronpa: Jibber Flapping Madness [JFM]
  • EN
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
Danganronpa: Jibber Flapping Madness, or D-JFM, is a parody series of Danganronpa: The Animation. It is created, directed and produced by The Mana-Kun. Starting its development in January of 2023, D-JFM continues new episode releases each month.
Releases 2
The Pursuit of Happiness
  • EN
  • Comedy
The Pursuit of Happiness is a crossover parody short written, edited and voiced by PurpleEyesWTF and Faulerro, and with editing assistance by Omnibeneficial. The story follows the Elric brothers of Nullmetal Alchemist, whose transmutation of a hole to another dimension leads to shenanigans with characters from Code MENT, None Piece, Soul Whatever and Danganronpa Abridged…
Releases 1Viewers 1
Danganronpa 3 Abridged Thing
  • EN
  • Comedy
Danganronpa 3 Abridged Thing is a parody series of the second Danganronpa anime, created by Faulerro. It is a sequel to his Danganronpa Abridged Thing series, and consists of shorts that were created as its source material was airing.
Releases 5Frequency 19.4Viewers 1
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