Darker Than Black: Hyperabridged


Darker Than Black: Hyperabridged is a parody series of Darker than Black, written and edited by eagle8burger. It is an extremely condensed version of the original, maintaining a length of between two and six fast-paced minutes per episode. Initially eagle8burger voiced all of the characters, but as it went along several cast members joined the production.

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Jan 21, 2016eagle8burger
Jan 31, 2015eagle8burger
Aug 10, 2014eagle8burger
Jun 24, 2014eagle8burger
Jan 8, 2014eagle8burger
Dec 30, 2013eagle8burger
Nov 8, 2013eagle8burger
Aug 27, 2013eagle8burger
Jul 28, 2013eagle8burger
Jun 22, 2013eagle8burger
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