Digimon Abridged


Digimon Abridged is a parody series of Digimon Adventure, written by CoffinJockey and StormSage13, and edited by Redbeast13. Having started off as the second production by Abridgilliance, it later got moved to The Schmuck Squad.

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Latest Releases

Jun 17Abridgilliance
May 15, 2021Abridgilliance
May 7, 2021Abridgilliance
May 13, 2020Abridgilliance
Mar 20, 2020Abridgilliance 1
May 31, 2019Abridgilliance
May 24, 2019The Schmuck Squad 1
Oct 26, 2018Abridgilliance
Oct 19, 2018Abridgilliance
May 11, 2018Abridgilliance
Jul 18, 2017Abridgilliance
Apr 28, 2017Abridgilliance
Dec 24, 2016Abridgilliance
Dec 10, 2016Abridgilliance
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