Eden of the East Abridged


Eden of the East Abridged is a parody series of Eden of the East, written by Mandos and SkyYuyo, and produced by YorozuyaGroup. Starting off as a side project, it became their main series after the end of Samurai Champloo Abridged. It ran for 11 episodes in total, covering all episodes of the original series.

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Mar 28, 2013YorozuyaGroup
Jan 11, 2013YorozuyaGroup
Oct 25, 2012YorozuyaGroup
Sep 15, 2012YorozuyaGroup
Mar 30, 2011YorozuyaGroup
Jan 26, 2011YorozuyaGroup
Oct 26, 2010YorozuyaGroup
Jul 15, 2010YorozuyaGroup
May 28, 2010YorozuyaGroup
Apr 19, 2010YorozuyaGroup
Mar 28, 2010YorozuyaGroup 1
Mar 4, 2010YorozuyaGroup
Feb 9, 2010YorozuyaGroup
Aug 22, 2009YorozuyaGroup
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