Fairy Tail Abridgement


Fairy Tail Abridgement is a parody series of Fairy Tail, produced by TheDastails. The project was initiated by an abridger named FairyTailAbridgement, who in November 2012 turned to AbridgedForums for casting. In March the next year, TheDastails joined the project as voice actor and co-producer, and the first episode got released one month later on TheDastails' YouTube channel. The series then caught the interest of PhatTony92 and AtlasKoala, who both joined as co-writers and co-directors at a time when FairyTailAbridgment got busy with studies. Since then, Ladilol has also joined the cast and eventually the crew, while AtlasKoala has stepped down from writing and directing but remains as a voice actor. Today the series's head writers and directors consist of Ladilol, PhatTony92 and TheDastails.

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Mar 13, 2022TheDastails
Jun 12, 2021TheDastails
Aug 8, 2019TheDastails
Oct 17, 2018TheDastails
Apr 4, 2018TheDastails
Oct 11, 2017TheDastails
Jun 11, 2017TheDastails
Feb 25, 2016TheDastails
Nov 23, 2015TheDastails
Aug 8, 2015TheDastails
Jun 18, 2015TheDastails
Apr 20, 2015TheDastails
Mar 15, 2015TheDastails
Jan 21, 2015TheDastails
Oct 4, 2014TheDastails
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