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MoonDreamofA, or Duchess, is a voice actress, abridger and AMV maker. She began doing fanimations before moving over to AMVs and abridging. In late July 2012 she spontaneously decided to try out voice acting, and auditioned for a number of projects across the community. Ultimately she landed a role in every project she auditioned for, and has since been extremely prolific as both voice actress and creator of her own series.

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Apr 5, 2013Chop-Bits: Cooking With Chii
Mar 16, 2013INFINITE BRO DOWN!!!! Meh-Shot!
Feb 18, 2013Black Rock Shooter Lunar Duchess Revamp One-Shot
Jan 26, 2013Minami-KK One-shot
Sep 27, 2015Is It Wrong to Parody This Anime?
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