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PSWeasel is an abridger and voice actor. He is the creator of several abridged series and one-shots, including Heartcatch Precure! A Bridging, My Dumb Academia and Jitsu Wa Abridged, As a member of The Schmuck Squad, he has voiced in a number of their productions, as well as in other productions across the community.

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Jul 19, 2021
Jun 13, 2021
Mar 5, 2021
Mar 13, 2020
Feb 4, 2020
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Mar 14, 2021My Dumb Academia
Feb 20, 2021Shokugeki no Shorts
Feb 21, 2021My Dumb Academia
Jun 21, 2020Heartcatch Precure! A Bridging
Jan 17, 2020My Dumb Academia
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