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YaroShien, or Arron Pleitner, is a voice actor, abridger, sound designer and Dungeon Master. He started out abridging as part of the team DragonMasterAssociation together with his two siblings ToshikiNightfox and Jadethefirefox, under which he not least was the main creator of Abridged+Vampire. Since then DragonMasterAssociation has disbanded, and he has gone on to produce a number of works under his own name; most notably How To Be An Adventurer but also several shorter series and one-shots.

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May 18How To Be An Adventurer
Jul 11, 2019How To Be An Adventurer
Jun 3, 2019How To Be An Adventurer
Mar 15, 2019How To Be An Adventurer
Feb 1, 2019How To Be An Adventurer
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