Death Note: The Abridged Series


Death Note: The Abridged Series is a parody series of Death Note created by 1KidsEntertainment and Salguy, and written, directed and edited by 1KidsEntertainment. It was 1KidsEntertainment's debut project as an abridger, before forming Elite3 together with xJerry64x and Nowacking. With him focusing his efforts on their successful title Pokemon: The 'Bridged Series, the series gradually declined in frequency until it eventually got cancelled.

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Oct 26, 20111KidsEntertainment
Oct 6, 20101KidsEntertainment
May 20, 20101KidsEntertainment
Mar 15, 20101KidsEntertainment
Jan 14, 20101KidsEntertainment
Dec 9, 20091KidsEntertainment
Oct 12, 20091KidsEntertainment
Oct 3, 20091KidsEntertainment
Oct 1, 20091KidsEntertainment
Sep 5, 20091KidsEntertainment
Aug 19, 20091KidsEntertainment
Aug 7, 20091KidsEntertainment
Jul 20, 20091KidsEntertainment
Jul 4, 20091KidsEntertainment
Jun 14, 20091KidsEntertainment
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