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MasakoX, or Lawrence Simpson, is a voice actor, editor and writer, and a member of Team Four Star. He began abridging in 2006, when he together with Vegeta3986 co-created Naruto The Abridged Series. He later joined Team Four Star as the voice of Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, which to this day are his most iconic roles. Additionally he is an editor for the group, as well as doing various voice work across the community. He produces the anime review series Anifile for Channel Awesome since 2010, and runs his own YouTube channel for various content.

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May 31, 2013Rosario+Vampire Abridged
May 6, 2013Rosario+Vampire Abridged
Sep 6, 2011Kampfer Abridged
Jul 20, 2011Kampfer Abridged 1
Jun 21, 2011Kampfer Abridged 1
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