Kampfer Abridged


Kampfer Abridged is a parody series of Kämpfer, written and edited by MasakoX. Following the one-shot MahoAS, the project was MasakoX's first series as a scriptwriter, who previously was best known as the editor and voice actor for Naruto The Abridged Series. Its first episode premiered at Team Four Star's panel at MAGFest 2010, and then uploaded on MasakoX's YouTube channel.

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Sep 6, 2011MasakoX
Jul 20, 2011MasakoX 1
Jun 21, 2011MasakoX 1
Jun 7, 2011MasakoX 1
May 1, 2011MasakoX 1
Feb 1, 2011MasakoX
Dec 27, 2010MasakoX
May 10, 2010MasakoX 1
May 9, 2010MasakoX 1
Jan 4, 2010MasakoX
Jan 3, 2010MasakoX
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