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PurpleEyesWTF is an abridger and voice actor. He is the creator behind such popular series and Code MENT and None Piece, as well as Soul Whatever and various one-offs. With specifically Code MENT, he pioneered the abridged subcategory known as “MENT”, which is characterized by a faster pace and more absurd humor compared to regular abridged series. His name is a play on Little Kuriboh’s side channel CardGamesFTW.

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Latest Releases
Feb 29, 2020Digimanz: The Adventure Too
Aug 25, 2017ONE PUNCH STAN (what bugs the hands of fate)
Sep 9, 2014The Pursuit of Happiness
Apr 1, 2013Pokemans: The Adventure
May 6, 2011Pirates and/or Ninjas
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