Legend Of Zelda Abridged


Legend Of Zelda Abridged is a parody of the video game series The Legend Of Zelda, created by Dogerx. For each of its three seasons, the series covers Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker respectively. While the first two seasons were produced through Dogerx's channel LOZAbridged, the third and final season was released there as well as through the team PhatDogStudios, for which it was the first production.

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Latest Releases

Jan 20, 2016PhatDogStudios
Jul 4, 2015PhatDogStudios
May 9, 2015PhatDogStudios
May 2, 2015LOZAbridged
Oct 10, 2014LOZAbridged
Sep 4, 2014PhatDogStudios
May 31, 2014PhatDogStudios
May 7, 2014PhatDogStudios
Dec 25, 2013LOZAbridged 1
Oct 24, 2013LOZAbridged
May 29, 2013LOZAbridged 1
Feb 16, 2013LOZAbridged 1
Feb 10, 2013LOZAbridged 1
Jan 6, 2013LOZAbridged
Dec 10, 2012LOZAbridged 1
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