Megaman Abridged Warrior


A parody of the MegaMan NT Warrior series, chronicles the adventures of Lan Hikari & his faithful, but egocentric net navi MegaMan along with his generic stereotypical friends as they fight against viruses, house hold appliances and even Dr. Wily and his band of incompetent screwballs as they protect.....(insert name of city here) Whilst cracking jokes at each other, making pop-culture references that are very dated, destroying each other self-esteem and other F*k up Sht that the writers can dish out every episode. Will MegaMan's ego reach his limit, will Dex finally get the girl, can Glyde handle Ms. Yai secret personal hentai collection, and Will Lan ever find a copy of Halo 10? Tune and Find out!

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Dec 17, 2017TEAM.EXE
Oct 2, 2015TEAM.EXE
Oct 1, 2015TEAM.EXE
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Feb 24, 2014TEAM.EXE
Feb 25, 2013TEAM.EXE
Feb 24, 2013TEAM.EXE
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