Blazblue: Slice of Life


Blazblue: Slice of Life is an animated parody series of BlazBlue: Alter Memory, produced by REVEL HOUSE. It is a spinoff of Blazblue: Another Memory that follows the daily lives of the abridged series' ensemble cast.

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Latest Releases

Jan 25, 2019REVEL HOUSE
Jun 8, 2018REVEL HOUSE
Apr 22, 2018REVEL HOUSE
Oct 22, 2017REVEL HOUSE
Jun 4, 2017REVEL HOUSE
May 1, 2017REVEL HOUSE
Apr 9, 2017REVEL HOUSE
Mar 13, 2017REVEL HOUSE
Jun 13, 2016REVEL HOUSE
Apr 20, 2016REVEL HOUSE
Feb 17, 2016REVEL HOUSE
Feb 13, 2016REVEL HOUSE
Oct 27, 2015REVEL HOUSE
Jul 9, 2015REVEL HOUSE
Dec 22, 2014REVEL HOUSE
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