Pokemon: The ‘Bridged Series


Pokemon: The ‘Bridged Series is a parody series of Pokémon produced by Elite3. It premiered in March 2010, with 1KidsEntertainment, xJerry64x and (as of episode 2) Nowacking as writers and main cast members, and 1KidsEntertainment as editor. It is known for its absurd humor, being an unconventional and almost surreal abridging of its source material.

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Oct 21, 2018Elite3
Aug 2, 2018Elite3
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Feb 10, 2017Elite3
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Dec 23, 2015Elite3
Nov 30, 2015Elite3
Nov 3, 2015Elite3
Oct 14, 2015Elite3
Sep 23, 2015Elite3
Aug 31, 2015Elite3
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