One way to describe this show: Pretty Ballsy. I adore My Hero Academia, and I also can’t help but like what JoyRide has done with the show, transforming it into something that’s entirely different, a deconstruction of a superhero show that was already a deconstruction of superheroes. It reminds me somewhat of Something Witty Entertainment’s “Sword Art Online Abridged” in how there is so much effort put towards character development.

Killing off the main character at the end of season 1
is prime fodder to create conflict in the other characters and their relationships to each other that is just so compelling (thankfully because the performances are also strong, as is the editing). The show even includes nods to popular MHA ships.

That being said, there are some hiccups, lip sync isn’t always up to the job (but it’s MHA, a show with very complicated animation so that makes sense).Casting choices are interesting, and while it’s clear the editor has out a great deal of effort into this show, the artistic flourishes are sometimes distracting and may put some off.

The jokes at times are strong, but always play second fiddle to plot and character (which can be an issue for those wanting a more traditional abridged series). The show is made with a seasonal focus, different from other shows (or even my own) where focus is always one episode at a time. While that helps episodes release on something resembling a schedule, the approach can hurt the humor. A joke might not work when set to animation, or not be entirely fleshed out. (They may do pickups with new material to fix that, I don’t know). Some jokes I can’t help but dislike is

anything about their branding deals with Tostitos or Sero becoming a Trump-like presidential figure (I hate the guy, but it’s an easy joke),
but even that has an impact on the plot.

That being said, JoyRide has clearly made MHA their own and I’m excited to see how this continues.

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