Hellsing Ultimate Abridged


A parody of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is the second abridged series created by Team Four Star. It was originally released annually around November on Takahata101's YouTube channel as the group's Halloween Special, to then be released twice a year from episode 6 onward on their main channel.

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Dec 10, 2018Team Four Star
Dec 9, 2018Team Four Star
Nov 25, 2018Team Four Star
Nov 22, 2018Team Four Star
Oct 13, 2017Team Four Star
Dec 31, 2016Team Four Star
Jan 31, 2016Team Four Star
Jan 21, 2016Team Four Star
Jan 17, 2016Team Four Star
Dec 24, 2014Team Four Star
Nov 4, 2013Team Four Star
Oct 20, 2013Team Four Star
Nov 5, 2012Team Four Star
Sep 25, 2012Team Four Star
Nov 7, 2011Team Four Star
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